Bambara at 285 Kent Ave, 27 August 2013, Brooklyn

Pics and a video of Bambara on Tuesday night at 285 Kent Ave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The brothers Reid and Blaze Bateh with bassist William Brookshire put on an intense sound of extreme volume.  It’s hard to really describe their music.  This is not going to be the average person’s cup of tea, but if you really stop and take a moment, you’ll realize the bassline on their tunes are quite amazing and hooky.

After a while, you can get use to this.  I’m not going to talk about the obvious reasons most female patrons went to this show, but someone in the audience did shout out “take off your fuckin’ shirt!”, which should tell you enough about this band’s…physicality.

If you want to see them and you’re in NYC they have another show at the Cake Shop this Friday the 30th.

Enjoy the photos and video.









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