What to Do Friday? A Couple of Suggestions Here, 30 August 2013, NYC

Hey NYC!  If you don’t have plans Friday or need something better to do than laundry I have a couple of suggestions.  It’s all dependent on what YOU want to do.  Do you wanna dance?  Or do you wanna stare?  I mean listen!  Listen to music.

Well if you wanna dance and get some fun photos, go see YACHT at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg for $18.  Jona Bechtolt and Claire Evans should satisfy your dance urges and their performances are pretty photo-worthy.



If you’d rather stay in Manhattan, and just stare…I mean listen…to music, go see Bambara at the Cake Shop in the Lower East side for $8.  They just played Tuesday night at 285 Kent the other night.  You can check out that show here.  Oh yeah, bring GOOD earplugs for this show.  Trust me.




Both shows should be fun, so it all depends on what you’re in the mood for.  Have fun on whatever you choose!



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