SUKEINA Spring/Summer 2014 Collection at New York Fashion Week, 7 September 2013, NYC

Omar Salam’s SUKEINA Spring/Summer 2014 collection on Saturday at New York Fashion Week was held at The Dimenna Center on the west side.  This season’s collections, Porcelain, was about the paradox, how elements of hard and soft, as well as volume and print, enhance each other.

Pieces ranged from simple, feminine fabrics to origami like creations of masculine-like structures of hard edges.  Color was minimal which forced the viewer to concentrate and appreciate the shape and flow of the fabric.

The delicate pieces were very sexy but not form fitting.  The sheer pieces were cleverly designed to expose only the most essential parts, leaving something to the imagination.  Well, there were a few pieces that showed a little more than the essentials, but I’m sure there are a few risk takers who’ll be into those pieces.  It’s all about finding that perfect under garment for those, as granny panties just won’t work there.

Here’s a photo gallery and video of Saturday’s show.


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