Designer Vivienne Hu’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collection – Photo Shoot, NYC

Earlier this month I co-photographed an ad campaign for Designer Vivienne Hu’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection.  Aside from the basic lookbook, my photography partner Orrin Pridgen and I  also went out into Chelsea for a real shoot.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from Hu’s line at the Chelsea shoot .  If you want to see more head to her site and check out her Ready to Wear or Couture collection.

All Photos:  2013 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.



HuVivienne2613_20130901NYC_TTBlanche-Neige SS1406, Fluers de Printemps SS1407


HuVivienne2625_20130901NYC_TTFluers de Printemps SS1407


HuVivienne2477_20130901NYC_TTDance SS1403, Deesse Romaine SS1418, Fievre Del’or SS1402, Nuit Sur la Ville SS1401


HuVivienne2483_20130901NYC_TTDance SS1403, Nuit Sur la Ville SS1401, Deesse RomFluers de Printemps SS1407


HuVivienne2499_20130901NYC_TTAustronatic SS1424, Noyau Dur SS1422, Exotique SS1408


HuVivienne2527_20130901NYC_TTSe Demorguer Dans la Foule (Top) SS1417 Guerrier(Pant) SS1423


HuVivienne2550_20130901NYC_TTRobe Armee SS1405, Top Elegant SS1404


HuVivienne2554_20130901NYC_TTRobe Armee SS1405, Top Elegant SS1404


HuVivienne2579_20130901NYC_TTDame Pacifique SS1413, Dame en Rose SS1409, Fleur SS1410


HuVivienne2593_20130901NYC_TTDame en Rose SS1409, Fleur SS1410


HuVivienne2658_20130901NYC_TTRobe Unique SS1411, Employe de Bureau SS1425


More available at :

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