Crystal Stilts Instore Performance at Other Music, 16 Sept 2013, NYC

Crystal Stilts performed at a free instore show at Other Music Monday evening in New York City.  The shop was jam-packed with fans ready in anticipation to hear tracks from the bands newest album Nature Noir, released on September 17th.

Singer Brad Hargett still does his shimmy shimmy dance, while the band played their instruments to his haunting vocals.

I definitely loved the song Nature Noir as the guitar parts were so abundant, full, and lush, at times hypnotic with each upward/downward stroke.  The band’s distinctive sound is still intact and still as eerie as ever, and that’s a good thing.

The setlist included new tracks from their forthcoming album Nature Noir: Spirit in Front of Me, Sticks and Stones, Star Crawl, Darken the Door, Nature Noir, and Future Folklore.  The set also included Graveyard Orbit from their stellar debut album Alight of Night, and the beautiful Shake the Shackles from their sophomore album In Love with Oblivion.

The band’s sound is so nostalgic, I gave myself the liberty to play with my images and give them a more creative, archival look.  Some of the colors are green, yellow, at times faded, like old photographs.

The band opens for Deerhunter Wednesday and Thursday at Webster Hall.  Unfortunately both shows are sold out, but what did you expect?  It’s Deerhunter!  Anyways, if you can get tickets at the door, good luck!  Two amazing bands worth seeing, while the weather’s still tolerable.

Photos:  2013 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.









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