Dan Croll and Crocodiles at CMJ Music Festival, 17 October 2013, NYC

CMJ Thursday was probably the best night this week so far.  With two of my must see bands in one night it was totally worth it to check out Dan Croll at the Mercury Lounge at 11 pm, then Crocodiles, who were the Special Guests for the night at Pianos for a 1am show.

Dan Croll.  I remember when he opened up for CHVRCHES and it just turned out his set blew them out of the water.  Last night’s show was packed for a late night.  I guess he’s getting alot of buzz lately.  YAAY!!!

Dan Croll

Croll’s music can’t really be categorized as it’s touches across many genres including your indie, some electronica, and even some reggae.  It’s all very good and so fun to dance to.

Dan Croll

Croll’s humor is a bit punny and cheesy, as well, which just makes him all the more likeable.  When he was talking about selling merch he referred to the Mercury Lounge as the Merch-ury Lounge.  That joke was followed by alot of good-humoured grumbling by the crowd.  Yes, it was quite adorable.

Dan Croll

Sadly, it was Croll’s last show for CMJ.  Let’s hope he comes back to NYC soon.  But at least Europe can see him:



I have been waiting to see San Diego’s Crocodiles since last year’s 4Knots Festival.  Turns out Crocodiles were the Special Guest for the night and at 1am the club was still packed.


The band played an amazing set and the crowd still had the energy to mosh and dance throughout their garage punk set.  At one point some woman looked around the room suspiciously, then calmly walked up the steps, headed toward singer Brandon Welchez, with her back toward the audience, then fell backward into the crowd, allowing herself to be swept into the tide of punters as if it was some religious ceremony.


Crocodiles have a couple more shows including Arlene’s Grocery at 5pm today.  Then they return November 23rd in New York City (hopefully with some merch this time), and are currently touring across the US, check out the dates here:


Was a great night of music and worth staying up past bedtime for these bands.

Photos:  2013 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.


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