Crocodies, Wymond Miles, Young Boys at Music Hall, 23 November 2013, Brooklyn

Some shots from last night’s Music Hall of Williamsburg show with Crocodiles, Wymond Miles and Young Boys.  Do check out Young Boys, they’re quite good.  Also pretty good was Wymond Miles.  I didn’t really care for the first couple of songs and the lighting was a bit too dark to shoot, but the music got better with alot of pretty guitar melodies.  And the keyboards also added nicely to their songs.

Crocodiles.    What can I say.  I love them.  This time I seemed to focus more on guitarist Charles Rowell.  Donning a straw hat and some fancy moves, Rowell seemed to be in his own little world just truly enjoying playing his guitar.   It was fun watching him and every once in a while he’d pick up a bottle of beer and play his guitar with it.

Sadly it was the final show for bassist Marco Gonzalez.  A lovely cake was brought out for him and it seemed to still be a joyous event, regardless of his departure.  Good luck Marco!

Anyways, here are the photos from last night.

All Photos:  2013 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.


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