Splashh, Spires at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, 7 December 2013, Brooklyn

New favorite band alert!  New favorite band alert!  Yes, I’m diggin’, and they are quite brilliant.  Who?  Well, let me just set up the scene.  Imagine a diverse assortment of food, clothing, jewelry, and art vendors situated in a Brooklyn warehouse where you can peruse, purchase, and discuss all  (or most) of your shopping needs.    Then imagine around 8 pm, you want to hear music but you don’t want to go back out into that 30 degree (but feels like 20) frigid air.  Lucky for you that’s when the bands start up in said warehouse.

The Brooklyn Night Bazaar happens every Friday and Saturday from 6pm-12am at 165 Banker Street in Greenpoint.  There will be beautifully dressed people in search of kooky clothing, drool-worthy jewelry, age-refining cosmetics, and mouth-watering bites.  To appease their playful side, there’s also a miniature golf and ping pong room to get your ‘fitness’ on.

Anyways…Saturday’s set included my new favorite band – Spires.  Beautifully crafted guitars with a twinge of 60s nostalgia, without being overly genre-specific is the only way I can describe their sound.  As an opener, the band put on a pretty hefty set.  I was quite satisfied, yet still in need of more.  At times, the band could be reminiscent of various 90s British bands, especially with the hair and all.  They are definitely worth checking out.

Also on the bill for the night was UK’s Splashh, whose set seemed to have been too short in my opinion.  Perhaps it was some equipment issues.  Soaring guitar swells, swayful melodies, and psychedelia seem to be their forte.  I’m sure you’ve heard Headspins on a commercial before.   I highly recommend these guys as well.

The next event for the Brooklyn Bazaar happens on Friday, so bring earplugs if you want to hear the bands which start up around 8.

Photos:  2013 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.


SpiresSpires Spires Spires Spires

Splashh:Splashh Splashh Splashh Splashh Splashh Splashh


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