You’re Not the Friend I Thought I Knew

Sometimes you befriend a person and instantly have a connection with them.  Though for years that friendship never delved deeper than a mutual interest or hobby, you realize this friend is pretty cool in your book.

Yesterday, I met up with such a friend.  We hung out at a café for a bit then decided to go for a walk around the snow-covered grounds of Central Park.  It was during this walk that my friend had opened up to me about her life.  There were certain life events I was already familiar with, but this time those familiar stories were serendipitously filled with insight, inspiration, and mind-blowing nuggets of wisdom.

Wisdom that could be transferred from her life experience to my own, these were parallels on an emotional level, that intrigued me to dig deeper…for my own need of guidance.

As we continued our conversation and she generously opened up about her life, I finally felt the courage to discuss my own current life issue.  Her advice and positivity helped me immensely and I didn’t want to end our hang out session, for my own personal reasons.  In the blistering cold, we talked selfishly about me, and she graciously accommodated this need.


I left our meeting today feeling, though just slightly more positive, wholly more appreciative of my friend.

You know, time doesn’t just heal wounds, it also creates new found respect for old friends that were once just ‘pretty cool’.



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