AJ Davila y Terror Amor, Plastic Pinks, Shocked Minds, GunFight! at Cake Shop, 2 May 2014, NYC

Last night’s late show at the Cake Shop with AJ Davila of Davila 666.  Also on the bill were Florida’s Plastic Pinks, and Brooklyn’s Shocked Minds and GunFight!

It was a warm day and the evening was pleasant, so it made for a great night of some garage punks from Puerto Rico and the US.  Even if you don’t understand Spanish, you’ll still enjoy AJ Davila y Terror Amor which was highly dance-worthy.

Plastic Pinks were pretty likeable as well.  Funniest soundcheck ever. Shocked Minds had some great stuff.  And opening for the night was GunFight! whose sound was more country rock (post-country) and less punk, but nonetheless very good.

Photos: 2014 © Tan.  All Rights Reserved.


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