Worldwide Knitting In Public Day Subway Project, 14 June 2014, NYC

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This Saturday the 14th is Worldwide Knitting in Public Day at Bryant Park.  My volunteer group and I are participating in a subway knitting project on the same day as WWKIP Day. The train ride begins at the first F stop in Queens, heads to Coney Island, then goes back up to Bryant Park.  If you want to join along for the knitting on the train project, below (in red) is a schedule of the F train at specific stations.  We’ll all be in the first car. You don’t have to meet up at the first station stop, just whichever stop is most convenient for you. Here’s the information including train times as well:

Knitting on Subway Project on Worldwide Knitting in Public Day*
Saturday, June 14, 2014

F Train Subway Knitting (11:19 am – 1:57 pm)
Everyone will be in the first car in the front of the train. Look for knitters/crocheters and come on in!

Depart: 11:19 am
Jamaica Station / 179th street F train

Arrive at: 12:48 pm
Coney Island-Stillwell Ave Station F train

Transfer back to Manhattan by crossing platform to the Manhattan bound train.

Depart: 1:06 pm
Coney Island-Stillwell Ave Station F train

Arrive at: 1:57 pm
The project ends upon arrival at Bryant Park to join in the WWKIP festivities from 2:30-4:30 pm.  Bring a blanket and enjoy the rest of your day knitting in the park!

Estimated Time of Whole Trip:
2 hours 38 minutes

Schedule of F Train:
Jamaica 179 St
11:19 AM

Union Tpke

Forest Hills 7Av

Roosevelt Av

21 St Queensbridge

Roosevelt Island

Lex Av

47-50 St Rockefeller Ctr

34 St

W 4 St
12:01 PM

Bdwy- Lafayette

Jay St- MetroTech

4 Av

Kings Hwy

Stillwell Av

Then returns back to the uptown platform to Bryant Park.


*Please note, this project is not part of or associated in any way with WWKIP Day.  It is just a project we thought would be fun and to meet fellow knitters/crocheters.


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