A Place To Bury Strangers at Death by Audio, 27 October 2014, Brooklyn

A Place to Bury Strangers played Death by Audio last night in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Turns out I was one of the last 3 to be allowed into the venue before it reached capacity.  Lucky me eh?

Well, my body is drained, bruised, and weak after last night.  But my soul is happy.  It felt so good to just get it out of my system.  After a couple of songs, the crowd started shoving forward.  That was my queue to move to the side.  Or ‘get’ moved to the side.

Below are a couple of instagrams from the night.  I wasn’t about to take my camera out for last night’s show.  Bless those brave souls who did!

Photos:  2014 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.

10735261_873907302621877_444675704_n 10747864_494758583994379_210067874_n


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