Christmas Gift Suggestions..For the Fool in You

Found a few great Christmas gift ideas for that office party Secret Santa, distant relative, or acquaintance.  Get these and be your receiver’s best friend!  Or…maybe not.  I guess it depends on the giftee.


Bacon Bowl, what?!  Yes, everything tastes better in a bacon bowl.  Well, maybe not cereal, but definitely a salad.  (Available at CVS for $10.99)

Did somebody say “ugly sweater party?!!!”  Let’s eat them and wear them at the same time!  This kit comes with cookie cutters and mix as well as frosting.  I’d like to make a real ugly sweater myself, but why waste all that glitter, glue, and sequin on clothes?  (Available at Bed Bath and Beyond for $5.99.  Also available in Ninja shapes.)

WP_20141129_001Oy vey!  Out of gingerbread?   Or just not into Christmas?  Then let’s make a Chanukah house.  After all, an edible house is an edible house.  (Available at Rite Aid for $16.99)


You’re going to need something to mix your ugly sweater cookie mix with and possibly a cutting board to chop your egg fixin’s for your bacon bowl.  Why not do it like a rock star?  Get your guitar cutting boards, spoon, and pizza cutter and make some noise! (Available at Bed Bath and Beyond $12.99-24.99)

xmasphoneWho needs a phone when you can talk directly to Santa on this North Pole Communicator.  Yeah right!  Sorry to break it to you kids, but Santa isn’t real…ly able to chat at the moment. 😉  No family plans, unlimited messaging, or internet available though.  (Available at Walgreens for $24.99.)


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