12:34 LA:NYC Photo Project, 3 January 2015, NYC

My college friend Gina and I recently met up during Christmas break and thought about working on a photo project.  Gina lives in Los Angeles and I’m here in New York City.

The concept is at 12:34pm my time (EST) and 12:34pm her time (PST), we will each take a series of photos, caption them, send them to each other and post both sets to each other’s blogs.  This is Gina’s blog, she has a great eye for composition:


The idea is to give people a visual of what they are seeing in their life at 12:34pm their time zone.  Granted, I could do my photos at 3:34 to match the exact time of LA at 12:34, but then I couldn’t really call my photos 12:34.  It’s not about doing something simultaneously, but doing something at a specific moment in time and documenting it.

I was inspired by a project my friend Joe Medina had for his photography students, and this is somewhat similar to that.  But I’m hoping this will be a continuing series.

So, we’ll be posting up some photos that will hopefully inspire you to create and share with others in 2015.

Enjoy the project.  Here’s the first post of 12:34 LA:NYC Photo Project


Photos: Gina Nieto. 2014 © All Rights Reserved. LA.

002Cleaning up my room, I noticed I placed my 2015 planner on two of my scarves. Is it a metaphor  to say  there will be lots of crazy patterns, adventures and fun in the coming year?

009Looking around out in the backyard, the lavender is starting to grow. I always like the way the lavender color sits against the grey metal fence.

013Cleaning up the Christmas decorations. Christmas is a funny holiday. There is so much prep, hype and excitement leading to the day of, then two days later you start to see Christmas trees thrown on the curb for trash pick up. It’s kind of sad.


Photos: Tear-n Tan. 2014 © All Rights Reserved.  NYC.

IMG_0656My first photo of the 12:34 LA:NYC project documented and displayed on my phone.  Knitting and crochet needles in glass vase, and photo of my parents dancing in a park.  Their body language mimics the pink knitting needles in the vase.

IMG_0657A book about one of my favorite photographers and a time period I get wistful for – 1920s-1930s Paris.

IMG_0658In a bit, I will have headed out to brunch with friends in my neighborhood.  I’ve had these Merrell boots for over 8 years.  When I first bought them I thought they were too expensive.  8 years later, I’m grateful to have made such a wise purchase, they were totally worth what I paid.


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