12:34 LA:NYC Photo Project, 8 January 2015, NYC

Project 12:34 LA:NYC continues with today’s photos.

Photos:  2015 © Gina Nieto.  All Rights Reserved.  LA.

imageNice lighting, color and stillness. Everything that I like in life.

image-1Eye candy via vintage clothing. I wish I had more vintage in my closet.

image-2It’s hard to resist the deliciousness of a vanilla soft serve, especially after lunch. The taste of ice cream melted in the cone is pure joy.


Photos:  2015 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.  NYC.

I work overnight, so I go to sleep around 6am.  This is what I saw around 12:34 when I woke up today.

IMG_0188My bedroom.  I have paper curtains, I never got real ones.  I don’t know why.  I like the light that comes out from both sides though.

IMG_0199I made these curtains in my living room.  Paintings by Charley Harper, whom I absolutely love.  Also, a big squishy pillow.  I love this pillow.

IMG_0202In a moment I will be exercising.  My old yet trusty in house sneakers await.  As well as my Aircast ankle brace I have to wear whenever I exercise.  Damn my accessory navicular bone!

Til next time!



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