12:34 LA:NYC Photo Project, 15 January 2015, NYC

Project 12:34 LA:NYC, 15 January 2015:

Photos:  2015 © Gina Nieto.  All Rights Reserved.  LA.

image_2#1 sights seen during my lunch time.

image_4#2 gradation at the parking structure.

image#3 something is watching you as you exit.

image_3 #4 watch out for these guys.


Photos: 2015 © Tear-n Tan. All Rights Reserved.  NYC.

Feeling a bit under the weather, so decided to make soup.


I made this bowl in pottery class.  I love that it’s thick.  Love the color too.


When I feel sick I cook up chicken noodle and tomato soup and blend them together.  Sometimes I’ll buy some imitation crab meat.


Later on I’ll be eating this.  Hope it’s as good as my chicken and tomato soup!