12:34 LA:NYC Photo Project, 11 January 2015, NYC

12:34 LA:NYC photo project continues.

Photos:  2014 © Gina Nieto.  All Rights Reserved.  LA.

bed sheets#1 – I just want to be lazy on this rainy Sunday. Wish I could stay in bed under the flannel sheets all day (but that will never happen).

cafe paris#2 – Made some coffee in my special cup.

cookies#3 – Homemade cookies from one of my best friends.

boots#4 – Every year I want to buy rain boots but living in So. California, it didn’t make sense since it barely rains. This past Fall I took a trip to Seattle and finally had an excuse to buy some. Good thing because its actually raining this year in So. Cal. Hooray!


Photos:  2014 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.  NYC.

IMG_0208Hard at work at my home office.  Using a larger monitor to view my image really helps me be more productive.  Best purchase so far.  According to the guy at Adorama, if you’re working in editing photos choose your monitor based by on the IPS. IMG_0219Inverted lens, close-up of keys. IMG_0215Time to boil some water!  I love the orange light. IMG_0217Still boiling…



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