12:34 LA:NYC Photo Project, 17 February 2015, NYC – Going Underground

Project 12:34 LA:NYC continues!

Photo: 2015 (C) Gina Nieto. All Rights Reserved. LA.

donuts 1Mid-morning snack time with some mini powdered donuts. I’ve been craving these for awhile.

old photosGoing to scan these old photos for my Dad. I love looking at family photos, especially ones of my Grandfather. He passed away before I was born.

flowerSpring is showing up all over. I like the contrast of the pinks in this flower.


A walk through my buildings’s basement today. I just needed to find out where the laundry room is. It’s rather dreary down here. But super clean.

Photo: 2015 (C) Tear-n Tan. All Rights Reserved.  NYC





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