12:34 LA:NYC Photo Project, 26 February 2015, NYC – A Productive Kinda of Laziness

Photos 2015 (C) Gina Nieto. All Rights Reserved.  LA.

shoesBusy day at work. Didn’t get to go out for lunch, so here is a photo of my shoes. I like them. They are really comfy.

ms kittyOne of our members made this cute cookie and gave it to our Membership manager. A nice gesture. Very cute and crafty!

Photos: 2015 (C) Tear-n. Tan. All Rights Reserved.  NYC.

I sit on a stool at the bar in my neighborhood Starbucks…in my new neighborhood that is. In my old neighborhood it was just a couple of blocks from my place. In my new neighborhood it’s about a 15 minute walk on streets that have not been fully cleared of snow.

IMG_0835It’s either that walk or stay at my apartment. I get antsy, so I like going to a coffee shop to stay busy for hours doing absolutely nothing.

IMG_0834I just started re-reading this book about artists from my favorite time period. I think I bought the book three or four years ago, but never really gave it a thorough go. But it’s never too late to start. I’m on page six right now.

IMG_0836Once I start to nod off from the book due to my circadian rhythm that usually strikes around 2, I’ll pick up my pencil and pad and practice my nose drawings. The nose is way harder than I thought it would be. I’ve thrown out way too many rejects.

So this will have been a productive day for me if I can get through a few chapters and have completed one nose drawing that I am satisfied with.


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