My Favorite Instagrams of February 2015

If you’re not already following @tearntan on Instagram, here are a few of my favorite shots from the month of February, by me.  Was a short month, so hoping March will have more inspirational pieces.


11024128_669146403197048_690463472_nI just moved into my new place.  I only got channel 4, but I was happy.  Who’s that on the screen?  Why it’s Mr. Jimmy Fallon of course!



Fashion Week in New York was this month. Thanks to an awesome Aussie I was able to shoot Desigual and Karen Walker’s A/W 2015 collection.

10986191_343801209144778_1562334899_nVictoria Secret’s Behati Prinsloo blows a kiss. (Desigual)

10932255_326945820837744_720533661_nANTM’s Winnie Harlow gets the prize.  (Desigual)

11007944_1548368648764897_900845076_nI will always love mixed print/patterns, even when it goes out of style  And how can you not love a pink skirt? (Karen Walker)



Was getting lazy for a bit and almost neglected my drawing practices.  I’m still working on perfecting that unperfect, yet beautiful nose.  Jimmy Durante…I got my eye on you!

10919182_1781750655383329_635620662_nI don’t know why I like this nose, I just do.

10963984_867527846600716_1805324877_nI’m happy with the angle of this eye.

    11017622_939672816043152_188598932_nRIP Mr. Nimoy.  Like I said in the Instagram…I thought you were scary, but I knew you were one of the good guys.  I know the nose is a bit off, but hey…ya gotta mess up before you can actually learn from it.

More photos on my Instagram at:


I promise to shoot more food, people, and fashion.

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