The Modfather and the Model, Paul Weller and Winnie Harlowe

The title just happened!

Here’s a drawing of Paul Weller, Modfather, music hero to many.  This was done with charcoal on watercolor paper.  I’m not really enjoying charcoal on watercolor anymore.  I also had trouble with the perspective.  Oh well, I tried.


Here’s a drawing of Winnie Harlow (Chantelle Brown-Young) pencil on paper.  She’s known from ‘America’s Next Top Model’.  She has vitiligo, a skin disease that affects pigmentation.  I wasn’t sure if I should or could do this drawing.  I wanted to do a close-up of just her face because it made such a beautiful design, but I wasn’t sure if people would be offended.  I wasn’t, I thought it was stunning and needed to be done.  I also wasn’t sure because I didn’t know how I would actually go about drawing the portrait.

Once I finally realized I needed to just focus on her bone structure and muscles, I got over the pressure.  The skin pigmentation would be secondary.  I hope I did her beauty justice.


So there you have it…The Modfather and the Model!


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