Ride Performed at Music Hall of Williamsburg, 1 June 2015, Brooklyn, NY

Oxford’s Ride took Brooklyn for a wild trip last night.  The band went from Going Blank Again and ended with a Smile.

Starting off the set was Leave them All Behind from Going Blank Again with Mark Gardener and Andy Bell’s harmonies perfectly blended.  The vocals were spot on and just beautiful throughout the whole night.


The band played many of my favorites including OX4 (the perfect road trip song), Twisterella, Black Nite Crash, and Vapour Trails of course!

A funny moment occurred when both Bell and Gardener spoke at the same time, and Bell pointed out why you shouldn’t do that.  It was hilarious, and I still don’t know what either of them said.  I guess that’s why you don’t speak at the same time.

During the end of the set, the band went insane during Drive Blind with a generous jam session.  Loz Colbert finally stood up so I could get a shot of him.


My favorite shots were probably of Steve Queralt with the light hitting him just perfectly.


 Andy Bell’s guitar work was brilliant and both he and Mark Gardener’s vocals were pitch perfect and gorgeous, especially when they harmonized.  This is where I swoon.

At one point during the night, I can’t remember when, but I said to myself ‘I am really happy right now’.  First the Jesus and Mary Chain reunited, and now Ride.  How lucky am I to have my two favorite bands ever reunite?  I think both Creation bands should tour together and call it ‘Re-Created’.  Get it?   Just puttin’ that out there Universe.

Anyways, the night was excellent with the exception of some drunk, pushy guy in a cape who later got kicked out.  Can’t trust people in capes, Larry David anyone? (Seinfeldian reference)

The night ended with Chelsea Girls from their EP Smile.

Ride will be performing again at Terminal 5 on Thursday and unfortunately it’s sold out for those who didn’t act early.  Hoping they’ll play Kaleidoscope and Crown of Creation as well.  Added, not in place of…

Photos: 2015 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.



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