The LOVE Project in Sign Language, 15 November 2015

So I’ve been practicing drawing the hands and decided to do a project on spelling the word Love.  The L, O, and V are easily recognizable, so I figure by the time you get to the E, you’ve already figured out the meaning of the image.

So, here are two versions. The first image is actually my second version and they are my hands.  I’m hoping to make this into a tote bag or possibly make prints of this version.  The one below that is the original version where I got the photos from elsewhere and drew those hands.  I won’t be reproducing those.  I posted this version on my Instagram page.  I do like the filters on those with the wooden background.

I had been working on this project for over a month, when I finally completed everything.  Unfortunately I had completed it around the 13th of November.  So, in honor of my love for Paris I did this drawing Saturday night and photoshopped the red, white, and blue.  That’s obviously not how you say love in sign language, but I think people know what I mean:



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