Canal Saint-Martin Street Art, Paris, France

I’m back in Paris!  This time I’m hanging out in my new favorite neighborhood, Canal Saint-Martin.   I’m doing some more street art adventures and here’s what I found yesterday  just a few blocks from my door.  Hehe…that’s fun to say.


Photos: 2016 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.

But first, here are a few photos of the canal, just to get you situated:





These two below are on Rue Legouve @ Rue Lucien Sampaix.




Invader!  Located right across from the amazing Cafe Craft on Rue Vinaigriers, an awesome co-working coffee shop, that I discovered this Spring.  The people are super awesome and the iced tea and coffee is excellent.

CanalStMartinStreetart03_20160827PAR_TT CanalStMartinStreetart04_20160827PAR_TT


For you cat lovers.  On Rue de la Grange aux Belles.


CanalStMartinStreetart06_20160827PAR_TT CanalStMartinStreetart07_20160827PAR_TTAnd for you Lakers fans.  On Rue de la Grange aux Belles.


  CanalStMartinStreetart10_20160827PAR_TT“Meow!”  But in a wilder tone.  On Quai de Jemmapes.

CanalStMartinStreetart11_20160827PAR_TT CanalStMartinStreetart12_20160827PAR_TTAh, to be born in privilege.  Also on Quai de Jemmapes.


CanalStMartinStreetart13_20160827PAR_TTThey sure like felines around here.  On Rue Bichat.


 These two are also on Quai de Jemmapes:


CanalStMartinStreetart17_20160827PAR_TTI really love this one.

*****CanalStMartinStreetart18_20160827PAR_TT CanalStMartinStreetart19_20160827PAR_TTRue de Lancry and Quai de Valmy


CanalStMartinStreetart20_20160827PAR_TTThis is in a triangle on Rue Jean Poulmarch, Rue de Lancry and Quai de Valmy.


CanalStMartinStreetart21_20160827PAR_TT CanalStMartinStreetart22_20160827PAR_TT

The final Invader of the day on and Rue Lucien Sampaix.


So that’s all from  yesterday.  And what about you?  Are there any pieces you like in Paris or anywhere else in the world?  Any suggestions of places to check out for amazing street art?  I’ve been to Oberkampf, Belville, Menilmontant and saw a few pieces I liked.  I’ve got a few days left, so let me know!



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