Quartier Saint-George Street Art, Paris, France

Some photos from today of Quartier Saint-George and the surrounding area.  I got off at Pigalle and walked around before getting a sandwich at Gustave Claps.  I left the name of the streets on the photos when I could.  There were less wall murals, just smaller pieces.  They weren’t usually clustered in one area, so you’ll be walking around for a while.  Enjoy!

Photos: 2016 © Tear-n Tan. All Rights Reserved

PigalleStreetArt01_20160829PAR_TT_WP PigalleStreetArt02_20160829PAR_TT_WPNot sure if this is street art, it’s on somebody’s window shutters, but I just like it.

PigalleStreetArt03_20160829PAR_TT_WPAlso on Villa de Guelma

PigalleStreetArt04_20160829PAR_TT_WP PigalleStreetArt05_20160829PAR_TT_WPAt Major Pigalle Music Shop on 3 Rue Duperré

PigalleStreetArt06_20160829PAR_TT_WP PigalleStreetArt07_20160829PAR_TT_WP PigalleStreetArt08_20160829PAR_TT_WPRue Lamartine

PigalleStreetArt09_20160829PAR_TT_WPRue de Clichy


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