Ma Maison – 8X10 Acrylic on Canvas Panels

Bienvenue!  Here’s my latest project of my home done on 8×10 canvas panels.  I really enjoyed doing these paintings as they were smaller and faster to complete.  I also really enjoyed focusing in on the details, especially in the piece with the workspace, kitchenette, dining room area.  That was actually the first piece I did.


All Paintings: 2016 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.

mamaison_entry_20161001_ttThe entrance.  I have a foyer!  I have a foyer!  Sort of.  The moment you walk in you’ll spot the tv and guitar against the wall of my living room.  I love the reflection of the guitar in the wood floors.  My floors aren’t that clean, they’re just waxed.  The wall the guitar is leaning on showcases a few of my favorite drawings and paintings.


mamaison_livingroom_20161004_ttMy living room with my computer at the corner where I work from.  Can you spot the yellow post it’s on the wall?  Also the white pieces of paper taped on the wall between the tv and computer are my French practice sheets.  These help me remember my etre, avoirs, and allers.   The white television is left of the workstation with all of it’s ugly cable wires sticking out like an eyesore. I can’t figure out how to cover it up nicely. The wall showcases some of my photography as well as a few pieces from others of their photography/drawings and a poster from a concert.  Yeah that couch turns into a bed for anyone needing to crash.


mamaison_wkspckitchen_20160926_ttThe kitchenette, art workspace, and dining room.  This was my first piece for this project.  I really wanted to focus on the details of the objects on surfaces.  My favorite is the coffee mug on the table.


mamaison_window_20161006_ttA view from the window of the workspace overlooks a parking lot, yard, and another apartment building. I didn’t include the parking lot because, well…it’s a parking lot.  There’s my small practice mannequin running nowhere!


mamaison_bedroom_20161006_ttThe bedroom in the early morning light.  My walls are bare, I like it like that.  And I’m always too lazy to windup my iron’s cord.  Just deal with it!

Well, hope you enjoyed a tour of my home in a painted version.  This collection of five may grow in the future, not sure.  Maybe I’ll do something else, then come back and paint another room.  Until then, enjoy the paintings!

If you’d like to purchase any of these pieces please contact me at:



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