Paris – Summer 2016 Collection

Finished paintings from this Summer of Paris.  The collection is available for purchase as a single painting or get the whole collection of five.  Contact me at: for price inquiry.

2016 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.


View of an apartment from my apartment.  Love the red curtains.


jardinduluxemborg_20160908par_ttClouds hovering over the Jardin du Luxembourg.  The clouds were beautiful that day.  I painted the people in clothing that looked timeless, so you couldn’t tell what decade this was in.


canalstmartin_20160919par_ttA wooden mannequin jumps into the Canal Saint-Martin at night.


canalstmartin_20160920par_ttI gave myself more liberties with this second version of the Canal Saint-Martin painting.  The brush strokes are more free and I tried to focus more on the people jumping into the canal and less on the details of the canal.  I still included the graffiti.


tree_canalstmartin_20160922par_ttA tree trunk from a low angle in Canal Saint-Martin with a yellow building in the background.  I love the blue mixture I created with this painting and combined with the yellow, it just really made the painting for me.  I’m now working on another piece with the two colors.

All paintings are available for purchase. Contact me for info at:


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