Cafe Life – The Night is Young – 16×40 Acrylic on Canvas (Diptych)

Everyone has a story! That’s the concept of this painting, each character in this painting has a story.

I’ve broken down each side so you can see them close up, just below the full diptych. I love doing pieces with people scattered about and this one starts with the viewer (you) at the far right behind the man in blue whose back is facing you.

CAFE LIFE (The Night is Young) 2017

16×40 diptych. Acrylic on Canvas.

2017 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.



Click on the left or right panel to see a larger view in the gallery.  Once in the gallery, you can view the full size photo with the link on the bottom right corner of the photo.


So many stories, so many personalities.  It’s just like life.  Nightlife.


This diptych is available for purchase. If you’re interested contact me at:

Until then, keep enjoying the nightlife!



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