Fake Movie Posters Created on the iPad Pro via the Procreate App

Fake Movie Poster Digital Paintings on the IPAD Pro using the Procreate App and Adobe Sketch for the text.  I decided to use my excellent skills *debatable* with puns to create a few visual digital art pieces.


Art: 2018 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.

 Don’t be intimidated…at metallic surfaces.  I actually enjoyed creating the metallic cover over the revolving doors.  I think Miranda Priestly would be proud.  That’s…not all.


This cool cat spies on the crooks and then takes them out like any double agent would.  Of course there had to be a suspenseful way of disposing this kitty’s litter.  Why not do it in style at over 30,000 feet on the wing of a Boeing?

Here’s a close-up.  Yeah he’s tossing his martini at the bad guy.  Ugh, not to be catty here, but he just lost his olive.  So not cool…ME-OW!


Human booze?  YIKES!  This was my first piece.  They’re coming for us!!!


What you see and what the world sees is sometimes not accurate.  Sometimes…it is.

  Heh heh…A celebrities worst nightmare.  Where can I get that powder blue, pink faux fur trimmed calf length gown?  Who are you wearing???!!!


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