Clint Eastwood Portrait Created via the iPad Pro in Procreate

Clint Eastwood Portait Created via the iPad Pro in Procreate

Just completed this weekend, my latest portrait of actor/director/former mayor Clint “Make My Day” Eastwood. Yeah that’s right Dirty Harry is a triple threat…and then some! The original reference photo was taken in April 2004 at the 19th Annual ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards in Beverly Hills, baby!


I’ve been working on basic headshots, but will soon move on to color. I’m just enjoying the simplicity of a black and white/graytone image. It’s a shame professional headshots have to be actual photographs =)


Enjoy! Oh…and in case you didn’t know,
I am available for commisions.
Inquire via email at:
Artwork created on the iPad Pro with Procreate.
Artwork: 2018 © Tear-n Tan. All Rights Reserved.


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