Getting Into Gore! Portrait of Al Gore – 8X10 Acrylic and Oil on Canvas Paper

Just finished a piece of Gore. Don’t worry, it’s not scary…not unless your a climate denier. (Yes I re-used that joke from a few days ago!)

Here’s my latest piece of former Vice President Al Gore. The original reference image was from the Al and Tipper Gore’s book event for Joined at the Heart in 2002 at Brentano’s in Century City, California.

This time I worked in some water-mixable oils to lighten up the skin tone. The under acrylic painting was a bit too dark and dull. I just didn’t want to use any mediums or chemicals, so I decided to try some Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colour.

I really liked adding the oil to parts of the skin where I was having blending issues. One area was under his right cheek. It was almost like a ball was attached to his cheek, before the oil paint was added.

I haven’t switched over completely to oil, but I do love topping off my acrylics with oils.

What’s that called? Oirylic? Acroil? 😉

Art: 2019 © Tear-n Tan. All Rights Reserved.


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