Attending SXSW 2019? Check Out a Few of My Suggestions

Just in case you’re not sure what you want to see, I’ve listed a few suggestions, with the country each band is from. Any showcases from Australia or Spain, should definitely be checked out.

Here are my 28 MUST SEEs:


Bloods Australia
body type Australia
Boom Boom Kid Argentina
Boy Azooga UK
The Chills
New Zealand
Dan Marshall Mexico
Death By Unga Bunga Norway
Geowulf Australia
Go Cactus Spain
The Gooch Palms Australia
Gurr Germany
Her’s UK
Kabul Dreams Afghanistan
The Lemons Mongolia
Los Nastys Spain
Los Outsaiders Peru
Lucia UK
Miss World UK
Pip Blom The Netherlands
Say Sue Me South Korea
Seazoo UK
Spike Vincent Australia
Swervedriver UK
Twist Canada
Vacations Australia
Yawners Spain
The Zephyr Bones Spain


These 36 below are my alternates. Just in case right? Gotta have a backup plan.

Here’s a link to the SXSW site so you can find the bands’ links:

Anemone Canada
Anteros UK
Art d’Ecco Canada
Avalanche Party UK
BABii Canada
The Beths
New Zealand
The Blinders
Dead Soft Canada
Doe UK
The Elwins
Fripps & Fripps Australia
Goodbye Honolulu Canada
HIJOS Costa Rica
Honey Lung UK
Husky Loops UK
Iguana Death Cult The Netherlands
Jonathan Croatia
King Nun UK
The Kitsch
Laura Carbone Germany
Magic Potion Sweden
Moonlover Australia
The Ninth Wave
NOIRE Australia
Penelope Isles UK
The Ramona Flowers
Saint Phnx UK
The Snuts
Sports Team UK
The Strumbellas
Tempesst UK
Thyla UK
Trudy and the Romance UK
Viagra Boys Sweden
Warmduscher UK
Yellow Fang Thailand


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