Portrait of Billy Corgan – 8X10 Oil on Canvas Paper

Recently completed, Billy Corgan clutches a green bucket hat as he poses for photos to promote his book “Blinking with Fists” at Hollywood’s Virgin Megastore in October 2004.

I decided to paint the background red, instead of using the original background, as I thought it went well with his green jacket. I love the deep red and green combination, the colors are influenced by one of my favorite Van Gogh painting, The Night Cafe.

I hope I got the cheekbones done properly and I’m happy with the small highlight on the top of his head. I’m also happy with the hands, which were actually that red!

This time I also used full water-mixable oil, no acrylic. I’m currently working on another piece that’s also just oil. I think after all this use of oil, I actually enjoying using oil to just finish off an acrylic painting. I just like the look of it more. So I guess I’m still sticking with acrylics. Enjoy!

Art: 2019 © Tear-n Tan. All Rights Reserved.


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