Flower Painting – 18X24 Acrylic on Canvas

I’m continuing my new found interest in nature painting with this flower painting. This time I focused on one main deep red/burgundy flower with some smaller pink flowers surrounding it. I love the combination of burgundy and a deep green. The petals on the pink flowers were really interesting to paint. They actually looked like legs with shoes sprouting out. I went loose with them, not worrying too much about detail here. I’m also really happy with the green foliage on the right side. Makes me want to paint scallions or kale for some reason. Unfortunately, I don’t know what type of flowers these are.

I need to figure out how to photograph my paintings. The lighting in my apartment is uneven and the bottom of the painting is a bit lighter than the actual painting. Unfortunately I don’t have access to the rooftop. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I have one more 18×24 canvas and I’m not quite sure of what to paint next. I was thinking of this long curly branch, but I’m not to sure about the background. I’d like to do something more abstract, but abstraction is way more difficult to do…and do right. Anyways, enjoy!

This piece is available for purchase. Contact me at:


Art: 2019 © Tear-n Tan. All Rights Reserved.


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