Oh How Unfashionate!

Okay, what is going on here?  Seriously WTF?!  If you need to wear bandages (or those crazy Salonpa patches) on BOTH knees, please make sure they are at least the same color as your flesh, not 3 shades lighter.  Did you leave any bandages for the others as you raided that first aid kit?  How about wearing something that goes past your knees???  YIKES!  This obviously sends funny messages to people, like the lady who glanced down at your leg then quickly averted her eyes as she walked past you.  Then there are the creepy men who just smile.  Oh shut the front door!

People!  Please do not pull this look…EVER!  You unfortunate, fashion victim.  Don’t worry, you’ll learn soon enough.  Fashion Week is coming up.

I do like the dress though…


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