Fashion’s Night Out-NYC 2010

OOOHHHHH  EM GEEE!!!!  What a night!  Fashion’s Night Out in New York City was way too insane to be remotely fun.  To kick off New York’s Fashion week, this was THE event (fashionably) designed to kick that recession in the tukkis.  Free to the public, and equipped with drinks and loud, blaring music, retailers stayed open til 10 pm in hopes that fashion hungry patrons with fat wallets would spend, spend, spend.  The frenzy that buzzed the cool Manhattan night air was filled with crowds, gridlock, and the constant clacking of stilettos.

Before we started the evening’s festivities, my buddy Keshida and his friend Nallik Jewelry designer Jean Balke, and I chilled out a bit, unknowingly ill-prepared for the havoc the night would wreak on our feet.


We first headed to Opening Ceremony at Ace Hotel on Broadway and 29th.  We arrived to an extremely long line, that wrapped around the corner.  The hour wait finally got us into the venue but the frustration of trying to acquire libations prompted us to leave as soon as we got in.

Next up, we headed to Soho for a quick stop at jeweler Robert Lee Morris, for a quick looksy of handmade jewels.  There were a few amazing pieces, but there was no time to shop, as we were on a tight schedule to hit everybody’s must-dos.  As we left the shop, we entered chaos and order, with sidewalks filled with lines and streets jam-packed with yellow cabs.  Once we caught a cab, we headed north and west, over to the Meat Packing District for Alexander McQueen.  We may have arrived a little too late, but we were still able to view the beautiful window display of the talented artist who we lost this year.


Unfortunately, we had to forgo Michael Kors (who was appearing in person) at his Madison Avenue store after receiving a text that the area was just a madhouse.  Rag and Bone was on the opposite side of town, so that was a no-go as well.  As we waited for a meet-up with friends in the area, we dilly-dallied in and out of various shops, including the very loud Puma store.

We eventually gave up looking for free drinks and sat outside on a comfy bench at Bill’s Bar & Burger on 13th St and 9th Ave.  This was actually the best part of the night as we chilled, people watched, and listened to great music.

So the night ended on a wimper, not necessarily the bang we had hoped for.  But it was an enjoyable evening nonetheless.  Good company is key to having a good time.  Another hint, given to me by another co-worker, stay in one neighborhood.  Don’t try to do everything in different neighborhoods.  You’ll just end up being aggravated.  I will remember that for next year.


Throughout the night, we met some really cool and lovely people:

Laurel Pinson, Senior Fashion Editor and host of weekly fashion show  Thread | NY and New York’s L Magazine. Stripes, florals, and animal prints are my dream patterns.  I love this look.



Comfort and style with lace-up shoes:


Playful and colorful necklace



People liked photographing him.  He just looked good.



Fashionable techie, Meghan Asha, of TMI Weekly in a sweet burgundy belt spicing up a white, lace top and a pair of simple black shorts.  She’s currently working on an accessories project called Mata Hari.



Stylist, Sher Taulla above, spotted Keshida dancing on the sidewalk all by himself and joined in the fun.  The Aussie was en route to an afterparty, which may still be going on right now…



This poor girl above lost her cell phone, as she left it on top of a cab.  At least her feet look good.


This was of course an event to bust that recession.  Though I’m not really sure if it succeeded, I am sure of one thing.  My friend can bust a move…





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