Thuy Diep Fights For A Good Cause With iFashion’s Fashion Week, 16 Sep 2010, NYC

Thuy Diep showcased some of her beautiful pieces at last night’s Fashion Fights Cancer: Let Go To Hold On Event at Ana Tzarev Gallery in Midtown NYC.  The event was part of iFashion Network’s Fashion Week.  My co-worker, an avid connoisseur of style and high fashion attended the event and captured some of Diep’s exquisite creations.

Presented on mannequins was the Fall/Winter 2010 collection with Swarovski crystals accenting classic simple evening dresses and elegant flowing gowns.  Real life models showed-off the Spring/Summer 2011 collection of colorful, playful, ready to wear dresses.

I am so digging these dresses!


The event was hosted by founder and CEO of Robin Ross and Steven Beltrani of

Reporting and Photos courtesy of:

Chet Awer/CEO- FashIntel, LLC


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