Jolybeca Originals-Oh so cute O-Ring bags and more…

Jolybeca Originals is a fresh and playful look at handbags and accessories.  The basic o-ring handbags are fun and colorful utilizing the concept of mixed patterns and colors, while including a classic retro o-ring handle.  The brains behind Jolybeca Originals is Lynn Brainard, a graduate of Otis College in Los Angeles.

After receiving her degree in fashion design, Brainard went to work for Rampage and then for Max Azria’s BCBG.  Currently living in upstate New York, with some graphic tee design work for  Seaboard Atlantic, Brainard has finally stepped out on her own as the designer of her own line of handbags and accessories with Jolybeca.

These bags are a must, and I think I’m gonna have to get one of those 50’s vacation print bags before it’s gone, they were only made in limited quantities…

All photos courtesy of Jolybeca Originals


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