Streetwear-What the People of NYC Don-Oct 1-15, 2010

Well there seems to be a dramatic difference from the beginning of the month to the middle of the month.  My how our attire seems to have gotten fuller and warmer as the days become shorter.  So, here’s what the people of NYC are donning from the first half of October.

Beginning of the month on the Lower East Side  shows that warm front  passing over the East.  So what do we do?  We shop and chill out with some denim and sports jackets.  Great haircut on the right, love the way the bangs frame the face.


Moving on to Chelsea during the middle of the month, as the temps drop…

No, not a Catholic school girl, but super adorable in Autumns favorite pattern…plaid.


Super stoked about tights season, with shorts.  The 90s are returning thank you!  Paired with a chunky scarf, and it’s go time!


The 80s look is still in, and thank goodness for color!


I know, I knows, it’s the conservative look…but you gotta love the touch of yellow!  Classic just got fun!


Is she wearing a thick sweater, under a short sleeve sports jacket?  How sweet!  And the boots are too die for!


How could I not love this lady’s outfit?  Mixed patterns galore!


And that tote is adorable!


Hey!  I know that dude in the chunky scarf!  Our very own Keshida Layone of the video street segments looks super sweeeeet in that scarf and well…that whole ensemb basically!


So, here’s hoping for more colors and patterns as the second half of October approaches.  As the weather gets colder, the coats, most likely in boring black, will come out.  The only way to stand out is with the accessories, like scarves, gloves, hats and bags.  I’m ready for more street fashion hunting.  Will we see you?


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