Stephen Burrows-Fashion Week, Thursday, 16 February 2012

Master of geometric, modern shapes and bright vibrant colors, Stephen Burrows once again showed an amazing Fall/Winter 2012 line for Fashion Week at the Audi Forum in midtown Manhattan.

Red was a common theme here as lips were bright and vibrant with the rose hue.  It was actually a mixture of different styles, but they were all as wearable and as fun as the show itself. Most notable were the soft fabrics on the dress that draped the models.  Guess I’ll be working on that pooch of mine.  Although some pieces cleverly disguised that trouble area and that would probably be the pieces I would go for.

Instead of the usual catwalk, models walked up to the photographers, struck a pose, then walked over to the window where they stood up on the ledge and posed some more.  This gave everybody time to really view and enjoy each piece.  Instead of a rushed, fast-paced show, this was an easy going, leisurely stroll.  It was a good show and a great way to end fashion week.


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