Favorite 12 Fashion Images of 2012

So I’m finally getting to this list, and it should be a very good omen indeed that I have completed this before the New Year.

This list is my favorite fashion-related images of 2012.  And while not in any particular order, the first image was however selected with some intention. 😉

Like I always say, Happy 2013 and Beyond!

Zang Toi Spring 2013 CollectionI hope I got your attention.  This shot was taken at the Zang Toi show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for their Spring 2013 collection.  The moment he walked out on stage shirtless and in suspenders, you knew the show would be pretty darn breathtaking.

Erickson Beamon PresentationAt Erickson Beamon’s Box presentation at Fashion Week.  This model kept her eyes open for the longest time.  I was astounded.  It’s creepy, yet fascinating.

Erickson Beamon PresentationAnother Erickson Beamon shots from Fashion Week.  I love how the models just pose so dramatically.

Celebs at Fashion Week, 9/12/12Aussie blogger Jacqui Lie of Couture Caddy (http://couturecaddy.blogspot.com/) posing backstage with Whitney Port after her Whitney Eve show.  The expression on Port’s face is what totally cracks me up.

05_dina_mg_2094_20120515nyc_tt1A friend of mine Orrin Pridgen had been setting up shoots and invited me along to shoot with him.  Dina was doing well during the shoot, but it was here, when she was just relaxing and chilling out that I got this beautiful shot.  She just seemed to glow here.

Eryka Becker Jewelry Photo ShootAnother shoot with Orrin, with model Alexa.  Everything she did was pretty darn amazing and unintentional.  We’d ask her to sit back and boom, it just worked.

Eryka Becker Jewelry Photo ShootI love floating, jumping images.  Alexa looks like she’s flying here.

Eryka Becker Jewelry Photo ShootThis was a fun shot too.  Simple, but intense.  Love the stare and the red lips here.

09_fashionweekdoc03_20120912fw_ttThis lady was sitting in the lobby during Fashion Week.  All I could think was how beautiful and classy she looked.  She would look out into space and her blue eyes would just glow.  I love how dolled up she got with the beautiful jewelry and how proud she looks here.  This is probably one of my favorite shots of Fashion Week.

Stephen Burrows Presentation at Fashion WeekThis shot just cracks me up.  A photographer shooting a Barbie doll at Stephen Burrows Spring 2013 collection.  Yeah, yeah, I shot the doll too, just not as intricately.  I bet his shots looked beautiful though.

11_fashionweekdoc06_20120912fw_ttAnother crazy and hilarious shot.  I’m not sure what this guy is trying to say with the doll, but I love the expression on the woman’s face on the right.  Yeah, I was just as confused as her.

12_kammeyeremily6_20121212_ameame_ttLastly, Emily Kammeyer, designer was talking to a friend of mine at an Ame Ame event in the East Village on 12/12/12.  I noticed how her tassel bracelets hung from her wrist and with the sequin sleeves and gorgeous colors, I thought it would be interesting to just shoot it.  I ended up loving this photo, even if it is a bit soft.


So there you have it, my top 12 Fashion images of 2012.  Here’s to more in 2013!


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