Palma Violets Live @ Shea Stadium BK, 19 January 2013

UK’s Palma Violets performed at Live @ Shea Stadium Brooklyn last night to a packed and sweaty room full of moshing, dancing, and back hand Xs.  Lotsa of youngins in the crowd, and from the way it looked last night, they seemed to savor every moment.  Ahhh…to be young and carefree.  I forgot what that feels like.

The show had so much energy, I didn’t know who to shoot…the band or the crowd.

The night included sets from The So So Glos, Soft Black, and Indian Rebound.  I’m definitely digging Indian Rebound and think they could be a favorite.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to shoot their performance, but no doubt will do the next time.

Palma Violets, currently on an East Coast tour, will return for two more shows on the 23rd and 28th this month at Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn.  So if you have the chance, check them out, before they head back to Europe for an extensive tour.

Here are some shots of Palma Violets and The So So Glos and below that a video of Palma Violets performing ‘Best of Friends’, such a great song.

All Photos and Video: 2013 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.

Palma Violets peforming ‘Best of Friends’, Live @ Shea Stadium BK, 19 January 2013:


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