Indian Rebound at Pianos, 24 March 2013, NYC

One of my favorite bands at the moment, Indian Rebound, played an early show at Pianos tonight in NYC.   Their set, though a bit sparse in attendance, was short and sweet, but for once, that just isn’t what you’d want.  I first saw the New York band open up for Palma Violets in January, and admitted that they may have been my favorite set of the night.

They’re a bit bluesy, with a twinge of a Dylanesque/Stooges drawl.  This made for a melodic and danceable set.  No keyboards here, just straight up rock and roll, 60s style.  There’s not much banter, but I guess that will develop with more shows, hopefully.  They’re all pretty young, with 4 of the guys sporting large Xs.  No matter, though, you can definitely sense their love of music and showmanship.

Photos: 2013 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.

(All photos from tonight shot with the Nikon V1.)


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