The Pretty Greens – Bringing New Meaning to Drum ‘N’ Bass, Cake Shop, 5 June 2013, NYC

Female duo The Pretty Greens were once a five piece Go-Go’s cover band, then a four piece girl garage band, before becoming a duo on drum and bass.  It may seem impossible to think a dynamic or gratifying sound could be achieved with just two instruments, where neither is a guitar, but this time, this “drum ‘n’ bass” duo make it quite possible, and with a girl garage band flavor.


Bassist Julia Gottlieb and drummer Carly Marcoux share writing duties as well as a passion for the mod scene.  Their sound is quirky, beat heavy, and super fun.  Stripped down, to the core, where hooks and a beat are key, these two ladies have made music quite interesting and danceable as well.


The Pretty Greens will be playing a few more shows on the east coast and may include a guest guitarist, but for the most part, it’s just Julia and Carly.  If you want to check them out, there’s a few more shows which you can find on their tour page here.

Simple, melodic, and catchy, that’s what The Pretty Greens have achieved.  You can check out their song ‘Frankie and Johnny’ here, which they performed Wednesday night at the Cake Shop in New York City.


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