Generationals, Sallie Ford, Waxahatchee at RiverRocks 2013 Concert, 11 July 2013, NYC

New Orleans’ Generationals headlined Thursday night’s Hudson River Park’s RiverRocks 2013 concert series at Pier 84.  All I can say is, it was pretty good.

No, that’s a lie.  It was BEYOOOOND pretty good.  It was so deliciously excellent.  The band put on a show of such infectious goodness, that if music was a disease, you’d want to be infected with their danceable, fun and upbeat rhythm and melodies forever.


The band’s harmonies at times reminded me of The Raveonettes (sans the female vocal’s of Sharin Foo), and at other times reminded me of teenage lads singing in their own key, a smidge off sync with each other, but surprisingly melding so beautifully and brilliantly.  GEEZ!

Generationals loves to experiment not only with sound, utilizing different electronic techniques, but also visually and conceptually.  Their sense of humour is evident in the visual effects for their video ‘Ten-Twenty-Ten’.  The special effects are ridiculously absurd, but the song is so catchy you can’t help but actually love the video.  Their sound is pure catchiness.


It wasn’t just me though.  Seems security got into Generationals’ awesome set as one of the guys in the yellow shirt had pulled out some fancy air guitar moves near the end of the show, and it wasn’t to be goofy or anything like that, I think he really enjoyed the music.

They’re off to Europe at the end of July for festival season.  And if they play the states, do check them out if they’re in your area.

I haven’t been this stoked about a band since Wild Nothing at last year’s RiverRocks.  Another band to fall massively in love with by the way…


Restlessness and joy.  You know that thing you did as a child where you would just start spasming from excitement, jerking around as you’d jump up and down, making weird grunting noises, because you were so happy?  I can’t explain it, but I can show you.  It ain’t pretty though.  That’s how good Generationals were…are.

Opening up for the night was Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, with their fun 50s-60s inspired rock ‘n’ roll, with a hint of surfitude.  They were great and turns out you can use a beer can to play the guitar.

Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside
Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside
Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside
Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside

Starting off the night was Katie Crutchfield’s Waxahatchee.  A little bit of folk, some electric, and a lot a bit of beautiful vocals, just plain lovely.


Here’s a quick video of what the bands sound like, and don’t forget to check out the photo gallery below that.

All Photos/Videos:

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Here’s the photo gallery:

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