Osheaga Music Festival, Day 1, 2 August 2013, Montreal

Day 1 of Osheaga Music et Arts Festvival in Montreal got off to a great start.  Hey, The Cure headlined tonight!  Parc Jean-Drapeau was once again filled with festival goers ready for a day of music and dance with a view of the Biosphere.

Montreal Biosphere

My highlights:

Ponctuation – Really fun, 2 brothers from Quebec City doing some dirty, fun garage rock and they sing in French.

Palma Violets – I think the bassist was on something, but he was fun to watch.  Bassist Chilli Jesson tried to get the crowd to form a circle pit in the beginning.  As soon as he asked people to start one, a drove of people just left.  I guess they just weren’t having it.  But by the end of the set, the band made keyboardist Jeffrey Peter Mayhew jump into the crowd and start moshing.  It was pretty fun.  I kinda wanted to go in the pit, but noticed there were no females, so it probably would’ve been a bit too brutal.

Wild Belle – Natalie Bergman’s voice is a mix between Macy Gray and Billie Holiday.  It’s just awesome.

Cafeine – So good!  My favorite for the night.  Punk, new wave, British inspired.  It’s a shame, there weren’t that many people, they are definitely worth checking out.

The Cure – Nuff said.  The Cure.  Even loss of sound at the end of the set couldn’t mess up this amazing 2 hour set including all of the favorites.

Time to sleep now.  New Order tomorrow.  That will be amazing!

Until then, enjoy the photo gallery below!  The Cure photos look different, because I ended up using my little Canon for this set.  Oh well, you live, you learn!


Photos: 2013 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.


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