Osheaga Music Festival, Day 3, 4 August 2013, Montreal

Day 3, sadly, the last of Osheaga Music Et Arts Festival in Montreal, Canada ended with a superb bang.  Two stellar performances by New Order and Hot Chip topped the night, but not before some great new bands started off the day, just like a good breakfast, and a reliable old friend for mid-day snack.

First up, Ireland’s Nightbox gave a dance-worthy performance at the Scene Des Abres stage.  If you like Two Door Cinema Club, you’ll like these guys as well.


After that set, it was down the hill to catch Bad Things at the Scene Verte stage.  I admit I initially went because Shaun White was the guitarist.  You know Shaun White – skater, snowboarder…GOLD MEDAL OLYMPIAN.

Bad Things

But as soon as the band started playing, I was blown away.  These guys are so good. After the first few songs, you forget you’re watching Shaun White and you become mesmerized by singer Davis LeDuke’s performance, as well as his quirky, yet likeable personality.  I was a bit hurt though when he dissed Los Angeles, their hometown, saying that it sucked.  Ah well, surely he didn’t mean all of Los Angeles.  The valley’s pretty cool…SGV that is.

I can only compare LeDuke’s performance to Ben Tegel of another Los Angeles band, The Vacation.  The rolling around on the stage and getting into the crowd, it just brought me back to 2007.  Definitely check out Bad Things, they are most excellent!

Bad Things

Silversun Pickups had the crowd dancing to the rain and I couldn’t have cared a bit if I was drowning from the raindrops.  They killed it!  It was absolutely joyous to rejoice while dancing in the rain.

Silversun Pickups

The band also welcomed back bassist Nikki Monninger after giving birth to twins.

Silversun Pickups

New Order.  Synonym for brilliant.  All I can say is I could not stop dancing, and the set was too short!  Well, maybe in my opinion it was too short, but I could’ve gone on for another hour or two.

New Order

Bernard Sumner’s vocals started off a bit rocky, but just for maybe 30 seconds.  Then it got back on track to his iconic, beautiful, lustrous tone.  Starting off with Crystal, then the night continued with more favorites including Bizarre Love Triangle, Ceremony, True Faith, Blue Monday, Regret.  Some favorites were missing including Round and Round and Age of Consent, but I guess you can only fit in so much in an hour.  If only Kendrick Lamar had canceled his set, we could’ve gotten more New Order and no “pussies” and “bitches”.  Seriously, what was that all about?  Let’s hope New Order come back to New York…soon!

New Order

The band also played 3 Joy Division songs: Atmosphere, Shadowplay, Love Will Tear Us Apart.  Sumner had the audience sing the chorus to Love Will Tear Us Apart, and I, doing my part sang it at the top of my lungs, however, slightly off key.

Finally, the night ended with a short set for me of joy dancing with Hot Chip.  Another band that needs to come back to NYC…stat!

Hot Chip

This year’s Osheaga was amazing, just like last year.  And I’m glad to say I am no longer an Osheaga rookie!  Note to self – wear sneakers.  And buy a better poncho.

Recap, lists, and fashion coming up in another post.  Until then, enjoy the photo gallery and the video of New Order doing Blue Monday (courtesy of skizz0rz)

All Photos:  2013 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.

New Order Video: 2013 © skizz0rz.  All Rights Reserved.


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