Featured Stories – July 2013 Recap

Boy this is late!  Well, I was out of town, so that’s my excuse…

July is over and it was all about music and fashion this time.  I definitely enjoyed getting some fashion at the festivals, because some people just got it goin’ on!

So here are a few favorites from July.  Click on the pic to go to the post:


Generationals performed an amazing set at RiverRocks on Pier 84.  One more show is happening on August 8th with Titus Andronicus.



Foxygen was another fun set with a frontman who totally knew how to work the stage and the crowd.  The show also had 2 great openers – Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, and The Aves.



In a sweaty warehouse, !!! performed at the House of Vans.  Go for the music, stay for the food trucks!



And these people at the River Rocks show just well…rocked it! (Click the pic for more streetwear from this show)

fashion foxygen


Warehouses are hot, so dress appropriately.  Check out these people at House of Vans!  (Click the pic for more streetwear from this show)

fashion vans


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