Autumn/Winter 2013 Trends I Hope to Happen This Season from NYFW Looks

Here’s a visual list of what I would like to see from the runways marked for Autumn/Winter 2013 to hit the streets of earth starting…now. Or next week, when Autumn officially starts. I could definitely get into these trends, and dare I say…rock them?

Classy, sexy, fun, funky, playful, these pieces are as diverse as my mood before that time of month. [Inserting tasteless joke apology here.]

Anyways, hope you like what I’ve picked out, enjoy!

A classy jacket with shortened sleeves showcasing a classy pair of long gloves. Tres chic.
Designer: David Tlale

Big, ornate, ostentatious shoulders.
Designer: David Tlale
Designer: David Tlale

Simple, shapeless dresses, they’re definitely not body hugging, buy also not muumuus. I love the freedom these dresses give.
Designer: Vivienne Tam

Designer: Monique Lhuillier

Tucked in chunky sweaters. Because sometimes, you just want to tuck. Uh oh, I hear a Seinfeldian discussion coming on…
Designer: Vivienne Tam

A sexy back full of pretty lace. Old joke coming on…”Bacne, be warned!”
Designer: Monique Lhuillier

Matching printed jackets (or blouse) and pants. Oh how I love these so much! My inner tween is alive again!
Designer: Monique Lhuillier

Baggy blazers. Because I already have some for Spring, so might as well bring them into the Fall. I’ve been sporting extra small men’s blazers, and I like them lots.
Designer: Alon Livne

Frontal midriff baring tops, modestly done of course. Not necessarily including side-baring, I’ve got some major stretch marks in those territories. And if I do enough sit ups, I’ll be able to pull this look off!
Designer: Charlotte Ronson

Boyish jumpsuits. Because no matter how ‘polished’ and feminine I want to ‘try’ to look, sometimes, I just want to be a tomboy.
Designer: Vivienne Tam

Sophisticated jumpsuits. Because sometimes I just want to bitch slap Alexis Carrington and look amazeballs while doing it.
Designer: Monika Chiang

Here’s to a season full of fun and exciting fashion!


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