Portrait Drawings with Pencils 2014

Sometime this year I started to take up drawing.  The only class I’d ever taken was in college and it was a beginning drawing class.  I was terrible at it.

I decided this year I wanted to give it another chance, and so I started Google image searching black and white portraits.  I needed something visually to do while listening to talk radio.  As I started to do this, I realized I really enjoyed shading.  I think choosing photos in black and white really helped.  I know I still need to work on perspective and proportion, and definitely need help on getting the eyes right.

I think I enjoy older people where I can focus on the lines and sagging skin.  I love trying to achieve a sense of depth.  It was hard doing photos where the faces were washed out, perfect, and smooth.  It was also extremely boring.

So here are a few of my favorite drawings from this past year.  Maybe I’ll start taking photos of people on the street and use them as my models.




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